Kako Pardužani igraju Werewolfa

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Kako Pardužani igraju Werewolfa

Unread post by Izitpajn » 31 Jan 2014, 08:26

(ili, po lokalnom "TSS mess")

Here are the rules:

The game will happen in 24h turns. Each turn happens at roughly 1:30 AM GMT. During this time, the discussion thread will be closed, as I am writing the story for that night.
This is a good time for me, and a 24h period means everyone can log in and vote at least once a day.

Every turn everyone votes to lynch one player. The player with most votes will get lynched. Someone has to be lynched every turn. Voting is mandatory. In the result of a tie between one or more players, nobody gets lynched. However, in this case, TSS will be filled with bloodlust, allowing them to kill two players in one night the next day.
Pilots that got killed during the night in any way, obviously can not post in the communication thread anymore, and also can no longer vote.

To vote you must PM me, with the person you are voting for. If you are in a team your teammate cannot post your vote for you.

Night happens instantaneously and lasts for about 0.5 to 1 hour while I am writing the night story about the events.
Night actions must be PM'd to the organizer during the day.

At night, TSS members will kill someone. This is mandatory. They must reach a conclusion and PM the organizer (they can all do so if they don't trust each other).

There are 21 players: 4 TSS members (The Shadow Syndicate, mafija iliti vukodlaci), 2 Federals, 2 Imperials, 2 Unionists, (tri suprotstavljene frakcije)1 hacker, 1 illegals dealer, 1 veteran fighter, 1 EPS member (Esteemed Pilots Syndicate, nešto kao paladini), 1 Doctor, 1 misguided vigilante, 4 neutral pilots, and 1 Wildcard.

Members in a group (excluding neutrals) can communicate between each other; TSS pilots can PM each other and members of the same faction can communicate via PM (they will be told who the other members of their group are). Any other communication must be done in the forum thread that will be set up for that purpose.
For anything else, use the public discussion thread, but keep your identity hidden, because your enemies will know who to target with lynching votes or kill attempts.

Not voting for two days will cause you to be eliminated from the game.

This should be played as a roleplaying game, namely you are the character that is assigned to you, not your Pardus character (although you will just use your pardus character's name, for simplicity's sake.)
Roles will be randomly assigned by me, so don't bother requesting a certain role. Up to you to adapt to it. (Although, if you really DON’t want a specific role, PM me and I’ll try to make that happen)


Role mechanics:

• TSS:
TSS members can communicate between themselves freely. They will be told who the other TSS members are.
The TSS group can also send one anonymous message to the discussions thread per round via the organiser. However, it will be told that it is coming from TSS.
TSS members also acquire Trophies from killing faction pilots. Upon gaining a trophy point (1 kill from each faction), they get a special ability:
- Bloodlust > They can kill 2 pilots next night.
- Public Execution > They get one kill that is 100% likely to kill the target, EPS, Doc or ID.
- Firewalls > Their members can not be hacked by the hacker for the next 3 nights. (an attempt to hack them will show them as neutral pilots.)
TSS wins when all non-neutral pilots are dead.
• Faction:
Imperials, Federals and Unionists can also communicate between themselves freely (but not between factions). So that faction pilots cannot claim "X is in the empire with me he is innocent" making both players innocent, faction pilots are given 2 bombs per faction. They can use it at night against the other two factions, but only if they know their identities. Upon successful naming of the two pilots of the opposing faction to the organizer, both pilots of the opposing faction will die on the following day, even if doc protects them.
For a win, all TSS and opposing factions must be dead.
• Neutrals:
The Neutral players can communicate via dead letter drops. Meaning: they message me and I send on the messages to all the other neutrals anonymously. They cannot otherwise communicate with each other except normally on the forum where they do not know each other's identities. To prevent me being overwhelmed by this, each neutral player can only do this once per day. The dead drop system prevents neutral players from identifying themselves over it or from giving recognition signals. Any messages detected trying to give this information are deleted off the system.
The Neutrals win when one faction, the Hacker, Misguided Vigilante, and Veteran Fighter are dead. If they accomplish this before TSS can kill everyone, they can not longer be killed by TSS.
• Hacker:
Every round, the hacker can find out one player's identity. The hacker is able to anonymously post a list of the pilots they've hacked to the discussions thread once per day via the organiser. The hacker isn't required to tell the truth however!
For hacker to win, all TSS, Neutrals, and the EPS pilot must be dead.
• Illegals Dealer:
Every night the illegals dealer can choose to slip a single-shot powerful blaster into the quarters of a pilot that he/she chooses. If the pilot is attacked by TSS, TSS will fail to kill him, and one random TSS member dies.In the rare occasion that this blaster lands with the same person as the Doctor is protecting, the protected player will use the blaster to kill the Doc.
For a win, one faction, EPS, TSS and the Doctor must be dead.
• Veteran Fighter:
The veteran fighter can wound any player during the night, but only once for each player. "Wounding" means that the ability of the one he targetted will be disabled for 2 rounds (that night and the next). He also has 1 kill attempt.
All TSS and the Misguided Vigilante OR the Doctor must be dead for him to win.
• EPS:
The EPS pilot cannot die at night under any circumstance, except when lynched. For a win, TSS must be dead, and additionally, at least hacker OR illegal dealer must be dead.
• Doctor:
The Doctor has the ability to decide over life and death. Each night he can choose to save someone from death. If he protects a Wounded player, Doctor will heal the wound and find out the identity of that player. The Doctor can save himself from death, after which there is a cool-down period of 2 nights before he can save himself again.
For a win, all TSS and either the Illegals Dealer or Veteran Fighter must be dead.
• Misguided Vigilante:
The Misguided Vigilante is out to kill neutral players for their "betrayals". He may make 4 kill attempts on neutral players over the course of the game. If he makes an attempt on a player who turns out to not be a neutral, the player is not killed, and the Misguided Vigilante's ability is blocked for the next night.
In order to win, all neutral and TSS participants must be eliminated.
• Wildcard
The Wildcard does not play by existing public mechanics, instead there will be a secret role for him, different with each game, with a special impact on the game's mechanics.
His role + mechanics will be made available for public viewing AFTER the game, however, weird events during the game might give a clue of his/her abilities and influence.

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