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Unread post by Ire » 29 Jan 2006, 22:23

Nemesis - zrcalno oko Sun?eva sustava
Nemesis: The Million Dollar Question
Star Systems Hint at Possibility of Sun's Nemesis

tri ?lanka o možebitnom postojanju Sun?eve zvijezde-suputnice Nemesis, koja bi bila odgovorna za izumiranje živih bi?a na Zemlji svakih otprilike 26 milijuna godina.

zanimljivo štivo :uzdravlje:
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Unread post by Miles » 30 Jan 2006, 11:06

Nije li i Asimov Nemesis nastao oko iste teorije? Ono, ljudi iznenada otkriju zvijezdu koja ?e u roku od nekoliko godina uništiti sav život na Zemlji i tad po?nu zavrzlame. Davno sam je pro?itao pa se ne sje?am baš dobro.
Ili sam ja nešto pomiješao? :scratch:

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Unread post by Izitpajn » 30 Jan 2006, 12:06

I meni je to nekako poznato i ?ini mi se da sam ?itao nešto toga naslova, toga autora i toga sadržaja, ali se ne sje?am ni jedne jedine scene.

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Unread post by Kris » 30 Jan 2006, 14:26

"Gaia is one of Asimov's best attempts at exploring the possibility of a collective awareness, and is compounded further in Nemesis, in which the planet Erythro composed primarily of prokaryotic life has a mind of its own and seeks communion with human beings."

Nemesis (1989)

The novel is set in an era in which interstellar travel is in the process of being discovered and perfected. The demands of the plot required Asimov to hypothesize a planetary system about a star named Nemesis. At the time of the writing, this name was given to a theoretical companion to Earth's sun which could provide a mechanism for periodic disturbances of comets in the Oort cloud, which would then fall inwards causing mass extinctions. The red dwarf star in the book turns out not to be this companion; it is simply passing through the solar system.

Interestingly, the planetary system in the book included a Jovian planet in a very short-period orbit about its primary star. This was a radical idea in 1989, but was vindicated with the discovery of the first extrasolar planet orbiting a sun-like star (that orbiting 51 Pegasi) in 1995.

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Unread post by Zeljko » 30 Jan 2006, 19:19

i ja sam ?itao nemezis

eh kako je to jadno kad se ama ba[?] ni?ega iz knjige ne sje?a[?] :dontknow: :oops: :x
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